Hello world!


This is not my first blog post but definitely my first blog site of which I am the author…I started blogging on the infamous blog site, Heaven Awaits, author is Marianne Tioran, who has over a million posts and still counting! I strongly urge everyone to visit her site!

I realized I had alot to say and thought how fitting it would be to open up my own discussions regarding issues that I am interested in knowing more about. If I have questions then surely others do as well.

After reading a post regarding the trinity, or rather, the lack thereof, I became so upset  that anyone could deny the existence of the Holy Spirit when they are ALSO claiming to be a Chrisitian; knowing the Heavenly Father and believing His son to be Jesus Christ. I was absolutely shocked that anyone dare ignore this precious part of the G-d head. It is G-d the father, the son AND the Holy Spirit! When I asked the person where they were getting their information they wrote back and said “the Bible” and proceeded to list scripture that in NO WAY supported her arguement. This was asburd, after all, it was the Holy Spirit who hovered over the waters before any of us were created and most importantly, it is the Holy Spirit who wrote the Bible in the first place!